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Everything You Wanted to Know About FASD But Didn’t Know Where to Look


A guide for parents to find the most helpful resources on Teresa Kellerman’s web sites:


Fasstar Enterprises                    à                    FAS Community Resource Center

www.fasstar.com                                             www.come-over.to/FASCRC


Behavior link (impulsivity, moral development, competency, lying, impulsive sexual behaviors, overlapping characteristics of co-occurring disorders, etc.):

http://come-over.to/FASCRC/#behaviors            (or just click on “Behaviors” link)


FAS Book Store                                                FAS STARS: Photos and Stories about FASD

http://come-oer.to/FAS/store                              www.come-over.to/fasstar                          


SCREAMS intervention strategies                      Homeschool Resources

http://come-over.to/FAS/screams                       www.come-over.to/homeschool


Online Support Groups                                      Online presentations

http://come-over.to/FAS/fasonline.htm               http://come-over.to/FAS/onlinepresentations.htm


FASD trifold brochures       



FASD and the Brain                    

What is FAS and FASD?            

Characteristics of FASD  

Visible Kid With the Invisible Disability   

Ain’t Misbehavin’     

8 Magic Keys     


 “FASD Articles” http://come-over.to/FASCRC/articles.htm  

Sample of articles on this page:  

How to Talk to Your Child about FASD

Nutritional Recommendations

Kevin Leman on parenting

Array of Abilities

The Invisible Gap

Vineland Rationale Letter

Reasonable Plan for Adults with FASD

Staying Alive

What Make Teens Tick?

Tri-Level Man

Advocating for the Student with FASD


Secondary Disabilities

Law Enforcement info sheet

Birth Mothers

Factors that affect behavior

CAPD test

Broken Beaks and Wobbly Wings

Boy in a Man’s Body

FAS and RAD (Attachment)

FAS Simulation Test

FASD and Autism


FASD Lane (for older teens and adults)             FAS Teen (for teens with FASD, students)

www.fasdlane.com                                           www.fasteen.com


FASD Awareness Day                                     Fasaholics Anonymous (for frazzled parents)

www.fasday.com                                             www.come-over.to/FasaholicsAnonymous


Baby Born Free                                               John Kellerman on You Tube

www.babybornfree.com                                   www.youtube.com/TriLevelMan


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